Welcome to the Arctic GeoData Cooperative!

The Arctic GeoData Cooperative is a transformative effort to bring together commercial, educational, and governmental partners to produce, enhance and maintain authoritative, dynamic, geospatial information for the Arctic. The cooperative is US Department of Defense mission-driven and develops unclassified, commercially available, foundation data and services in 100% automated, rapid workflows. The Cooperative enables an analytic environment for interdisciplinary teams of subject matter experts to work side-by-side to address mission-defined, Arctic-related problems. The cooperative will sustain itself through partnerships as well as through the creation of a large, unclassified data lake accessible to commercial, educational, and governmental partners.  The Cooperative aims to leverage this data lake along with analytic expertise to attract investment, technology and innovation to the cooperative, for years to come.

Current Coop partners include...

  • Alaska Satellite Facility

  • GeoNorth Information Systems

  • GeoYeti

  • KD Geospatial Solutions

  • Lockheed Martin

Coop members meet at the Alaska Satellite Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska

(August 2019)

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